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My First Blog!

Hello everyone. I am starting my journey to become a writer. Not necessarily a published writer. Although that would be great. I really just want to be a good writer and tell what I believe are great stories brewing in my head. The first several months of this blog I will be focusing on the craft of writing. Starting with the basics. I will be sharing thoughts, resources, and writing exercises with you so that you and I can become better writers. I may also share some book reviews with you if I feel they merit your attention. So please feel free to share any thoughts or comments you have. I want to hear what knowledge you have to impart and hopefully you and I both will be able to take something positive away from this blog. This blog and the exercises I will share with you will be a regular source of writing practice for me. I will update soon with a list of writing exercises that I plan to do first. As I do them I will post them here and share with you some of the work product that results so I may receive the benefit of my readers thoughts and critique’s. Hopefully, you the reader will also take something away from this process. So check back soon and often and let us start becoming better writers!

Check out this site too after reading mine of course. It’s been a great source of info and their new book: How to Write Magical Words, is a treasure! http://magicalwords.net/


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